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CAPBOOM Shooting Bottle Opener

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CAPBOOM - The World's First Shooting Bottle Opener

- the world's first bottle opener which open bottles with an impressive  authentic BOOM!
- caps reach a speed of 60mph(100 km/h) up to 33 feet (10 meters) in the air
- perfect gadget to impress friends at home party or event
- unusual gift idea which surely will be a surprise
- easy to use, durable, pocket-sized, reliable and impressive
- patent pending product made of high quality materials

1. Put on the bottle
2. Hit the opener
3. Make a BIG BOOM

Dimensions: 45mm(1,77in) x 70mm(2,75in) x 4mm(0,15in)

Material: zinc and aluminum alloy

Shipping: worldwide

Do not wait for occasional champagne to make a BIG BOOM!